Implantologisch ttige Zahnarztpraxis
Developments within the field of periodontology have led to effective treatments against periodontitis: an inflammatory disease affecting the structures that support the tooth. Periodontitis is caused by a build-up of bacteria that collect between the tooth and gum.

After detailed diagnosis and comprehensive education regarding oral hygiene, the periodontal treatment begins. The area beneath the gums and the root surface is numbed under local anesthetic and cleaned. Ultrasound is used to effectively and painlessly remove tartar and plaque. Healthy tooth materials are preserved as the surface of the tooth root is only minimally scaled down from the mechanical cleaning. Lost bone tissue is restored using transplanted bone or regenerated tissue from the jaw. In the case of larger deficits, a demineralizing agent is first applied followed by a growth factor agent that recreates the periodontium substrate through guided tissue regeneration (GTR).
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